Protect the Environment

Green, eco-friendly low carbon

Sticking to the sustainable development path of “green, low carbon, environmentally friendly”, Luthai actively promotes research and application of advanced technologies and equipment applied to environmental protection, recycling resource recycling, energy saving and emission reduction, and implementation of carbon and energy saving projects that integrate economic, social and environmental benefits.

Building an environmental management system:

Luthai has obtained ISO14001 environmental management system certification. The Center for Energy Management has been established for scientific energy management through information technology and automation. “Two increase, two decrease” activities are carried out continuously according to the energy management policy of “save energy, reduce consumption, reduce emissions and increase efficiency”.

Applying international advanced technology to save energy and reduce emissions:

Luthai keeps pace with the development of the industry’s environmental protection technology and launches low-carbon and energy-saving projects with the application of new technology, new processes, new equipment and energy. new.
The company strives to reduce resource consumption and waste generation from the source and systematically aims to make comprehensive use of a variety of resources. At the same time, the company continues to advocate clean production, optimize production processes, research new energy-saving and environmental protection techniques to reduce raw material consumption, energy and waste generation. .
The dual membrane process, “column ultrafiltration (CCMF) and reverse osmosis (RO)”, is applied to dye wastewater treatment and recycling. The discharge of wastewater is systematically controlled on the basis of “source reduction, process control, end-to-end pipe-treatment and standard exhaust gas”. In terms of wastewater treatment, the company has invested approx. 200 million yuan into the construction of 4 wastewater treatment stations with international advanced technology with a daily treatment capacity of 18,000 tons. In addition, the company also operates Zibo Li Min Purify Water Co., Ltd. .with a daily wastewater treatment volume of up to 80,000 tons for the treatment of corporate wastewater and local municipal wastewater.


Creating a green and sustainable textile and apparel supply chain:

For more than two decades, Luthai has consistently created healthy and environmentally friendly textile products for the world with the concept of green, environmental protection and sustainable development. Luthai advocates the use of natural and renewable textile materials, the use of safe and healthy auxiliaries and dyes, the adoption of new equipment and new processes, the research of new technologies and the development of new products. green, low-carbon textiles, to create a green and sustainable textile and apparel supply chain and make a positive contribution to the revitalization and prosperity of the world textile industry.
The company won the second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award for its research on “Recycling and treatment technology of dyed wastewater by high-flow membrane and industrialization”, and achieved many breakthroughs in energy saving. Energy saving, emission reduction, green and low carbon technologies in the textile industry, such as jigger dyeing technology and water reuse. In addition, the company has been evaluated as “Advanced energy-saving enterprise”, “Typical energy-saving enterprise” and ranked in the list of “resource-saving and environmentally friendly” pilot enterprises. “environmentally friendly” at the national level.

Social benefits

With the corporate mission of “creating wealth, contributing to society, global coverage, interwoven with the world”, Luthai actively implements social responsibilities, supports public welfare programs, create a harmonious relationship between the public and take concrete actions to fulfill responsibilities and obligations as businesses and citizens on the basis of creating the interests of enterprises, promoting the progress of staff, bring job opportunities and increase tax revenue.